Find a graduate certificate program

What are Graduate certificate?

Graduate certificate programs are short term programs that can range from a few weeks to a year. These are short term programs taken by students who hold a bachelor's degree and are looking to get a specialization without committing to a full Master's program.

Graduate certificate usually takes a lot less time to complete when compared to full master’s degree.

The reason to take a graduate certificate program are completely different from that of a master’s degree.

Graduate certificate: A lot of people are really interested to upgrade their skills to either get better at their job are learn new skills to get promoted to a new job. Graduate certification is the best option for this kind of people. This not only allows them to learn the specific skill they want to learn at considerably low cost compared to a full master’s degree, it will allow them to learn it in short amount of time like in 12 months or less in some cases.

Although, the certification comes at a low cost and in short time, comparing to Masters will allow people to qualify a lot of high pay jobs that doesn’t take certification into consideration. Graduate masters will take a lot of financial resources and more time compared to graduate certification programs. However, at the end of it all, graduate masters will help develop a lot more comprehensive skill set to qualify for high level jobs.

Opting to take either the certification program or master’s degree depends if you’d like to learn a new skill set for a promotion or if you’d like to get a completely new high-level job. Most organizations require a master’s degree even for entry level jobs.

Example: You can get certification to be a paralegal, however, you need to get a law degree certificate to practice as a lawyer.

So, before deciding whether to pursue a certification, you need to research if you need to decide if you need to get a higher at your current job in your current field or you want to take a leap and find an entirely new high-level job.