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CollegeHippo has aggregated GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) scores from over 300 American universities. With this data, we help you find the right school for your graduate or doctorate program.

It is very easy to begin the search for your perfect school. First, choose your desired field of study. If you know the specialization, select it from the drop-down list. After you have entered your GRE score and other details, press “Find” and you will see school results in three different categories. These categories are based on US news rankings, as well as data sourced from the schools themselves. Remember that this categorization is based on the scores aggregated from the universities websites, and in no way should be taken as the final advice when applying.

Universities consider the complete application which includes your GRE score, SOP (Statement of Purpose) / Essay, and extracurricular activities. A low GRE score may be offset by stellar performance in another area.

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How have we classified our graduate schools?

We have split the schools into three sections: Tough, Moderate and Safe. The classifications are calculated based on your GRE score, as well as the acceptance rates of these schools.


Tough schools are top ranked and the most selective in their admissions. These colleges expect students to have a relatively high GRE score. They have a low acceptance rate (5% - 14%).

It is difficult to be accepted by these schools, but not impossible. Sometimes, a moderate GRE score with a very good Statement of Purpose (SOP), excellent undergraduate credentials, and related work experience can help you sail through.


The universities under this classification do not require very high GRE scores. Their acceptance rates are above 30%, which translates to a better chances when applying.


Safe universities are relatively easy to get into. They do not require high GRE scores, and they have high acceptance rates. The schools under this classification are not the top ranked universities.

No Minimum Score required: Alternatively, there are some schools that do not advertise a minimum score requirement. You might be surprised to find some of the most competitive and top ranked US universities in this list. These universities and colleges have specified no minimum GRE or GMAT score because they look at each component in the application with equal weight: your background, work experience, essays/SOP, and extracurricular achievement.

How can the classification of schools help me ?

The results are a broad suggestion as to where you could best fit. Our data allows you to compare colleges based on rank, tuition, location, and specializations offered. Click on the college name to learn more details, including graduation rate, domestic/international student ratio, male/female student ratio, scholarships, financial aid, and typical career paths of graduates (powered by LinkedIn). Additionally, we provide links to the social media feed from these universities, which helps you stay up to date on the latest news and events.

Recent Graduate School Search:

  • Graduate schools search done in Psychology with GRE quantitative score of 159 , GRE verbal score 160, AWA score 3.


  • With Quantitative score of 151 , Gre verbal score 154, Masters degree search user matching colleges were found for Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services


  • With Quantitative score of 153 , Gre verbal score 154, Masters degree search user matching colleges were found for Psychology


Find Graduate school programs based on gre score

Graduate School Finder Based on GRE score


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