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Beginning with online perspectives and environments, our programs are driven by the needs of the online learner. We currently offer two types of online programs, those that are delivered live and those that are self-paced. Synchronous: Live, Online Programs Live, online programs are delivered in real-time. We expect participants of our live, online programs to come ready to learn and interact. These programs are designed to challenge attendees, delivering the same rigorous thought and relevant takeaways one may expect from a program held in person. Asynchronous: Self-Paced, Online Programs Hosted with our digital program collaborators, ExecOnline and GetSmarter, our asynchronous, online programs are crafted to fit into your schedule while keeping you on track. The course will guide you, week-by-week, through new material, steadily progressing to ensure you achieve your learning objectives. A variety of learning tools, like readings, lectures, interactive videos, and discussion boards, along with program-specific learning success teams are on hand to help you find new ways into the lessons. These programs commonly require 6-8 hours every week, but when those 6-8 hours occur is up to you. We offer online programs across a broad range of topics, like Negotiations, Digital Marketing, and Healthcare Management. The online Accelerated Management Program, from the Yale School of Management Executive Education, will provide you with key tools and insights integral to becoming an effective manager. Over the course of eight weeks, guided by Yale SOM experts, you’ll enhance your analytical problem-solving skills, learn to leverage social networks, examine the time value of money and company valuation, and develop the skills needed to formulate a competitive strategy for your organization.

Find out how Online Master's program cost and tuition of Yale University compares with other universities Tuition for Graduate Programs at Yale University.

How does Graduate / Master’s degree program tuition for Yale University compares with other universities in Connecticut?

Eastern Connecticut State University : $18,102

University of Connecticut : $36,962

Trinity College : $17,100

How does Online Master’s program tuition of Yale University compare with similar ranked National Universities?

University of Idaho : $24,902

Auburn University : $28,890

Maryville University of Saint Louis : $14,346

How does Online Master’s program tuition of Yale University compare with private National Universities?

Felician University : $18,720

Erikson Institute : $21,200

Shasta Bible College and Graduate School : $6,300