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The Advanced Strategy Program Cybersecurity for Executives—Hong Kong Cybersecurity Strategies for Executives—Online Executive Program in Corporate Strategy—Live-Online High-Stakes Decisions: Manage Risk and Reputation—Live-Online Leading with Data and Analytics—Online Strategic Thinking for Turbulent Times—Live-Online Strategic Thinking—Hong Kong. Learn improve business outcomes by leveraging analytics to make evidence-based decisions. As the volume of available business data expands, the winners in tomorrow’s marketplace will be those who can generate insight from information. Yet, many leaders feel daunted by the sheer amount of data out there. Many others make the critical mistake of looking for patterns in the data they have, instead of framing productive questions to shape the data they need. Competency in this area is so lacking, a recent Gartner study predicted that by 2020, 80% of organizations will initiate deliberate development programs in data literacy. In this six-week program taught by Chicago Booth professors, participants learn think data the Booth way. They develop the critical and creative reasoning skills needed to frame a data analytics project, collaborate with data specialists, and ultimately make evidenced-based decisions that drive results — without sacrificing speed and agility. Apply the Chicago Booth Approach to win in the marketplace: Develop the key ingredients of a powerful data analytics strategy: a specific business objective, well-developed theories, and a model that points the way to critical data and deep insight. Frame questions to generate data-based insight: Identify specific objectives and related hypotheses to drive data analysis. Avoid biases in interpreting dat Sidestep the common pitfall of unconsciously bending data to support false assumptions and preconceptions. Tell the story of the dat Translate data-driven insights into actionable decisions and drive buy-in by delivering a compelling narrative.

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How does Graduate / Master’s degree program tuition for University of Chicago compares with other universities in Illinois?

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign : $28,221

Northeastern Illinois University : $14,548

Loyola University Chicago : $18,594

How does Online Master’s program tuition of University of Chicago compare with similar ranked National Universities?

South Dakota State University : $15,044

University of Colorado Boulder : $30,384

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor : $46,678

How does Online Master’s program tuition of University of Chicago compare with private National Universities?

National University : $15,480

Seattle University : $19,055

The College of Saint Scholastica : $13,479